Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Most Effective Class Control Techniques

Effective class control is more than just administering a large group of students and maintaining discipline within the classroom. It is all about developing a positive, healthy teacher-student relationship and a sustainable learning environment. Now, creating such a setting for learning is a key challenge for a teacher. Indeed, every educator may feel some form of frustration when trying to manage his/her classes in an orderly fashion.
Let's discuss the 7 most effective class control techniques in detail.
Increase Interaction
Instead of speaking at a stretch in front of the class, why not indulge in a Q&A session with the students related to the lesson being taught. This will help learners feel more engaged with the teaching process and in a way motivate them to respond immediately. You can also request students to write down the answers in their notebooks as a source of reference for future use.
Set a Deadline
Ensure you set a deadline for every task that you set for your learners. This will help them to focus more on the topic and make your teaching methods more effective.
Keep High Expectations in Your Class
Set a high standard of expectation for your class, which means encouraging the students to perform better in examinations as well as submitting homework on time. Reinforce discipline amongst the learners and demand a proactive approach. For example, before you start taking a class, clarify as many doubts as possible in order to understand the subject matter better.
Praise Openly
Everyone loves some sort of recognition for his/her good deeds. Thus, you too can appreciate the good job of a student to uplift his/her spirits. Praise the student for his/her good behavior in the classroom or for submitting homework on time to develop a healthy relationship in class.
Make Rules Understandable
Whatever rules you make for a class, make sure they are easily understandable by the students. They should clearly comprehend what is expected of them and how they should implement those rules in their daily school or college life. Moreover, you must let them know of the consequences of breaking a rule.
Look into the Classroom Seating Arrangement
It may happen that a bunch of unruly students are sitting next to each other. Try to make them sit separately and bring them in the front row to keep a close watch on their behavior and activities.
Use Body Language
Have direct eye contact with the learners when teaching. This is an effective strategy to regain class control. You will have clear indication of what the learners are up to and whether they are listening to your lecture or are just posing a blank look.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Can the Avengers Teach You About Elearning?

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could...
- Nick Fury
Most of you have probably purchased your tickets for the midnight showing of the Avengers. I know I have. Experts are already predicting that it will have the biggest opening of the year so far, which makes sense because it's one of the most hyped movies of the last few years.
So why are people so fascinated with the Avengers and what in the heck does it have to do with elearning? My assertion is that we love each members of the Avengers. They are brilliantly unique in their own ways, yet the form a cohesive, bad guy destroying, mega-group. And they all have many of the same traits as elearning developers.
Ironman -
Tony Stark is a reckless, billionaire playboy who plays by his own rules. He is also the only self-made hero in the Avengers. He was born with no special physical abilities, but he was born with a desire to learn and to create. Basically, he's alot like us. As elearning developers, none of us were born with any special abilities; we're just normal people trying to make a living. But we were all born with the desire to learn, create and to teach through our courses. We are all self-made elearning heroes. The best developers have been successful because they work hard and are always looking to the future for inspiration. So be proud of your courses. Ironman is the cockiest member of the Avengers and it works for him. Have a little swagger when you tell people' "I develop elearning!"
The Hulk -
The Hulk is a physical specimen and he is the Avenger's wild card. They never know what to expect from him next. When he does decide to "Hulk Smash," he puts his entire body and soul into it. Be like the Hulk with your elearning development. Stop being so predictable! Throw away all of your old templates and clip art. "Smash" all of your tired old multiple choice and true/false questions. Keep your learners guessing. Remember, the more angry the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets. Get mad at your old courses. It will give you the strength to create a new course that is truly epic.
Thor -
Thor is the son of the god, Odin, and he comes from the magical world of Asgard. His godly upbringing also makes him the most headstrong member of the Avengers and he uses his mighty hammer to destroy anyone who stands in his way. Have you ever been the "Thor" of your company? Have you ever been so headstrong about making changes to your courses that you emotionally destroy anyone who opposes your ideas? Have you ever failed to heed all warnings and instead ran into battle against the throngs of merciless beta testers with only your hammer by your side? Most of us are probably guilty of a little hubris from time to time. We all get touchy about the courses we spend weeks or months creating. But we all need to set our egos aside, once and awhile, and listen to what other people have to say. Most feedback is helpful and it can help us create courses that our end users will love.
Captain America -
Captain America is the original Avenger. He is also the most level headed and humble of the heroes. He often butts head with Tony Stark because Ironman craves constant attention for his actions, while Captain America would rather do what is right without receiving any recognition. As elearning developers, we are a lot like Captain America. We work behind the scenes; we are not the faces or our organizations but we are vital members. We don't do our jobs for attention but we are noble as heck! Face it, trainers get all the attention and love every minute of it. I'm just kidding (I love my trainer buddies). Although he may not get any of the recognition, the Avengers would be nothing without the Captain. And your organization would be in a world of hurt without you.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Custom e-Learning Solutions for Corporate Firms

In the past few years, e-learning services have gained traction in the corporate sector because they play an instrumental role in educating corporate professionals and keeping their skills up to date. These are preferred by innumerable organizations across the world over the standard classroom training sessions, since they are easier to host and can be customized for each group of learners. Thus, companies can successfully inculcate the requisite skills in the personnel as per the needs of specific departments. For example, they can opt for custom e-learning solutions for Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and other departments.
Customization is a useful tool for companies that regularly use e-learning solutions, since it enables them to modify variegated aspects of the solution as per their requirements. Thus, they can make use of custom e-learning products in order to suit their content delivery mode, for example Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT) and Instructor Led Training (ILT). However, the biggest benefit of such tailor made solutions is the level of customization involved in the content itself. Users can modify the content in accordance with their needs, ranging from product, process and soft skills, to impart the requisite knowledge about the topic of discussion among the learners.
The content in tailor made e-learning development solutions can be provided with value added features that enhance the level of user interaction. Such features include voice over and video shoots, which can help the learners grasp the topic under discussion more easily using audio based and graphic media. In customized learning programmes, content conversion and translation, content localization as well as content standardization are among the chief value added features that enhance their utility for corporate users. Such solutions successfully create an environment that is conducive towards learning and also enables users to monitor the growth rate of the learners.
In terms of user interaction, companies can decide to integrate new modes of learning, namely game based and mobile e-learning solutions, in their customized learning solutions. With the former, the company can foster an environment where the professionals can learn about the topic using single- and multi-player games and help build camaraderie among them. Likewise, the latter is a feasible option for those who wish to deliver the requisite e-learning content to their professionals on-the-move. Content can be easily delivered on a variety of devices that are used in the corporate sector, including Smartphones and mobile devices, which are compatible with operating systems like Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. Thus, customized e-learning solutions can provide multifarious corporate education benefits to business firms.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Benefits of Online Training Courses

Right at the top of the list has to be that there are free training courses and programs available when you go online to find them. You don't have to pay anything at all, as compared to buying expensive books or training software, or even taking an expensive training class or seminar. It's entirely free with no hassle or obligations, and that's a major advantage.
Free doesn't mean that it's a low quality or lesser option, however. Even though you don't have to pay anything, you still get highly detailed and comprehensive information and guides. Everything is accurate and fine-tuned, so you get the best of both worlds, something that really teaches and trains you in the right way, and something you don't need to pay for.
Online training will also have the benefit of being convenient, flexible and on your own time. As opposed to classes, for example, you don't have to go anywhere else or be somewhere at a specific time and date. All the material is simply there waiting for you, so whenever you're ready and willing, you can get started. You can also work through as much or as little of the information at one sitting as you please.
Another benefit of these online courses as opposed to something like a big training book is that all the information is pretty user-friendly. It's intuitive and easy to work through and follow along with, thanks to lots of pictures and graphs, and quick bullet points and numbered lists of what you should do to complete a certain task. So you can forget about the annoyance and hassle of reading long, boring paragraphs and chapters of instructional text.
Plus, with online training websites and services, you can learn just about any subject that you're interested in. Whether it's basic word processing programs or spreadsheets, or it's the latest social networking services or web 2.0 online tools, or anything else, there's an extremely diverse collection of training courses available.
As you can see, there are many benefits to using training courses online. They are free, convenient and flexible, they are easy to use and follow along with, and there's an unlimited range of them available at any given time. That means when you need to learn a piece of software, website or anything else, your best bet is to go online and find training courses through free websites and guides. Once you get started, you'll quickly begin mastering whichever subject or service that you're interested in.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Importance of Getting Your TABC Certification

Any reputable alcohol seller-server establishment in the state of Texas needs its employees to be safe and responsible while on the job. Businesses need individuals who are schooled in the rules, regulations, and practices involved in alcoholic beverage service. Though the state itself doesn't mandate alcohol seller certification, individual businesses do, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a bar or restaurant who won't require its bartenders and servers to undergo TABC certification. If you're a member of the service industry in Texas, you absolutely need to have a TABC seller-server certification.
Proper Education is Essential 
To serve responsibly and prevent hazards or accidents at your business, you first need to be educated about the industry you're working in. A TABC certification course will teach you the state laws and serving regulations that you will encounter every single day when you're on the job. You need to be able to spot habitual drinkers, and intervene safely with intoxicated customers. You should know how to properly check IDs, and spot minors attempting to order or purchase alcohol. Most importantly, an alcohol seller certification ensures that you are aware of your situation and surroundings at all times, keeping yourself and your establishment safe. When you perform your duties properly, you safeguard yourself against costly mistakes that incur harsh repercussions.

There Are Simple Options Out There 
Typically any sort of certification course requires a day or weekend in a classroom, learning with other individuals in the profession. These courses are thorough but costly, and sometimes difficult to accommodate within your schedule. A different option is to obtain your TABC certification online. Texas servers can take the same state-approved course from their computer, which often helps deal with scheduling conflicts as the course can be fit right within your activities. The online option is also more cost effective, especially when one factors in the cost of driving to and from the classroom course in addition to the course cost itself.

Set Yourself Up for Success 
By completing a TABC certification online, Texas bartenders and servers can get their TABC certification more quickly and efficiently, which in turn helps them get hired and get serving sooner. The certification itself is valid for 2 years - plenty of time to perfect your craft and become the best server you can be. Your certificate of completion from your course provider serves as your permanent TABC license, and it's wise to request two copies - one for your employer, and one for your own records. After two years, just retake the course to learn the new regulations that have been put in place since your last certification.

To protect yourself and your employer against unnecessary hazards and mistakes, a TABC certification is not only necessary - it's the smartest and most responsible decision you can make.