Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Most Effective Class Control Techniques

Effective class control is more than just administering a large group of students and maintaining discipline within the classroom. It is all about developing a positive, healthy teacher-student relationship and a sustainable learning environment. Now, creating such a setting for learning is a key challenge for a teacher. Indeed, every educator may feel some form of frustration when trying to manage his/her classes in an orderly fashion.
Let's discuss the 7 most effective class control techniques in detail.
Increase Interaction
Instead of speaking at a stretch in front of the class, why not indulge in a Q&A session with the students related to the lesson being taught. This will help learners feel more engaged with the teaching process and in a way motivate them to respond immediately. You can also request students to write down the answers in their notebooks as a source of reference for future use.
Set a Deadline
Ensure you set a deadline for every task that you set for your learners. This will help them to focus more on the topic and make your teaching methods more effective.
Keep High Expectations in Your Class
Set a high standard of expectation for your class, which means encouraging the students to perform better in examinations as well as submitting homework on time. Reinforce discipline amongst the learners and demand a proactive approach. For example, before you start taking a class, clarify as many doubts as possible in order to understand the subject matter better.
Praise Openly
Everyone loves some sort of recognition for his/her good deeds. Thus, you too can appreciate the good job of a student to uplift his/her spirits. Praise the student for his/her good behavior in the classroom or for submitting homework on time to develop a healthy relationship in class.
Make Rules Understandable
Whatever rules you make for a class, make sure they are easily understandable by the students. They should clearly comprehend what is expected of them and how they should implement those rules in their daily school or college life. Moreover, you must let them know of the consequences of breaking a rule.
Look into the Classroom Seating Arrangement
It may happen that a bunch of unruly students are sitting next to each other. Try to make them sit separately and bring them in the front row to keep a close watch on their behavior and activities.
Use Body Language
Have direct eye contact with the learners when teaching. This is an effective strategy to regain class control. You will have clear indication of what the learners are up to and whether they are listening to your lecture or are just posing a blank look.

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