Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Importance of Getting Your TABC Certification

Any reputable alcohol seller-server establishment in the state of Texas needs its employees to be safe and responsible while on the job. Businesses need individuals who are schooled in the rules, regulations, and practices involved in alcoholic beverage service. Though the state itself doesn't mandate alcohol seller certification, individual businesses do, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a bar or restaurant who won't require its bartenders and servers to undergo TABC certification. If you're a member of the service industry in Texas, you absolutely need to have a TABC seller-server certification.
Proper Education is Essential 
To serve responsibly and prevent hazards or accidents at your business, you first need to be educated about the industry you're working in. A TABC certification course will teach you the state laws and serving regulations that you will encounter every single day when you're on the job. You need to be able to spot habitual drinkers, and intervene safely with intoxicated customers. You should know how to properly check IDs, and spot minors attempting to order or purchase alcohol. Most importantly, an alcohol seller certification ensures that you are aware of your situation and surroundings at all times, keeping yourself and your establishment safe. When you perform your duties properly, you safeguard yourself against costly mistakes that incur harsh repercussions.

There Are Simple Options Out There 
Typically any sort of certification course requires a day or weekend in a classroom, learning with other individuals in the profession. These courses are thorough but costly, and sometimes difficult to accommodate within your schedule. A different option is to obtain your TABC certification online. Texas servers can take the same state-approved course from their computer, which often helps deal with scheduling conflicts as the course can be fit right within your activities. The online option is also more cost effective, especially when one factors in the cost of driving to and from the classroom course in addition to the course cost itself.

Set Yourself Up for Success 
By completing a TABC certification online, Texas bartenders and servers can get their TABC certification more quickly and efficiently, which in turn helps them get hired and get serving sooner. The certification itself is valid for 2 years - plenty of time to perfect your craft and become the best server you can be. Your certificate of completion from your course provider serves as your permanent TABC license, and it's wise to request two copies - one for your employer, and one for your own records. After two years, just retake the course to learn the new regulations that have been put in place since your last certification.

To protect yourself and your employer against unnecessary hazards and mistakes, a TABC certification is not only necessary - it's the smartest and most responsible decision you can make.

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