Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Are the Benefits of Web-Based Training Programs?

Have you ever thought of introducing web-based training programs in place of corporate training sessions? A large section of the corporate houses are now embracing web-based technology where they don't need to search for a location to host training sessions or face difficulties trying to assemble employees on a single day. Anyone from anywhere can get connected with the speaker/presenter during the training program via audio, video links, or multimedia technology.
Let's discuss in detail the key benefits of organizing a web-based training program.
Save Costs on Travel, Lodging, and Meals
You don't need to spend a single penny on travelling, lodging, and meals since online training programs can be attended from any remote location. This means that the entire necessary expenditure on travel, accommodation, meals can be easily eliminated from the equation. One can attend the web training program from the comfort of one's home or workplace.
Training Programs Can Be Tailored Well
At traditional onsite training sessions, a trainer cannot modify an aspect of the program, even if he or she wants to on an urgent basis. However, in web-based training sessions, one can easily tailor a session to meet an employee's specific needs.
Highly Convenient
You can quickly change the date of the training program to an alternative day without worrying about altering or cancelling accommodation and traveling difficulties. Everything from the registration to payment handling and participation is done online. Hence, one can easily host a training program at the convenience of the employees and employer.
No Hiring of Staff
You don't need to hire any additional staff from outside to man the registration desk as well as collect payments from the registrants and perform other training related administrative tasks. Web-based training programs can be created, managed, and monitored superbly from the online centralized platform. You just need a PC with an internet connection to launch the training session with all relevant details for potential attendees to view and register over the internet.
Instantly Deliverable
Web-based training sessions can be quickly delivered on demand of the attendees or those who were unable to attend the event. You can download the Cloud-based training session in CD ROMs, videos, and tapes to send them instantly to anyone who wants to view it later.
Constantly Updateable, 24x7
You can at anytime update a web-based training content without republishing a manual or a booklet. You can change or modify training material over the internet as well as upload fresh and updated content and delete older versions without any delay.

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