Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Benefits of the PMP

Full form of the PMP is Project management Professional and it is a trade mark name of a certification that is owned by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. This certification can be earned by the professionals working in the project management field. Obtaining PMP Certification is a very stringent process. To be eligible to apply for this certification, a candidate has to show certain hours of work experience in project related tasks and he required to attend a training program for formal PM education.
PMI is a not for profit global organization that provides various guidelines and recommended practice to be used in projects. These guidelines and recommended practices are developed through an open channel with the help of experts from all over the world with different background area. Therefore, you can say that the guidelines provide by the PMI are industry independent and can be applied in any area.
Becoming a PMP is not an easy job. You have to go through a well-developed set of processes to attain it. This certification gives you the confidence, establishes your authority as a professional project manager and earn you respect among the professionals.
Following are the few benefits of the PMP Certification: 
  • Industry Independent: The guidelines, given in the PMBOK Guide are industry independent. Skills acquired by this certification can be used in any industry, whether it is IT or construction field. Project Management skills are not bounded to any particular area and these skills are transferable to any field.

  • Switching Career: As explained earlier, skills acquired by passing this certification is industry independent; therefore, it will help you if you want to switch your career.

  • Knowledge Gaps: Many times it happens that you know something partly, or recognizes the name of technique but unable to explain etc. When you study for the PMP certification exam, all of your staggered knowledge will be streamlined, synchronized and knowledge gaps will be filled.

  • New Skills: To become a PMP, you go through a training program and have to refer many books on the subject. In this process you will learn many new skills to perform various project related tasks.

  • Efficiency: Since you're equipped with the best industry accepted knowledge and you know that how to handle the complex situation; therefore, you will perform the job with better efficiency.

  • Market Value: In the tough and competitive job market, your resume will stand out just for having the PMP title with your name. You will have a much better chance to get a job than the person who does not have this certification. On various job portals you can see that some companies clearly mention that having the PMP Certificate will be a benefit for the job seekers, and some others have made it mandatory to apply for the job.

  • Monetary Benefits: Possessing the PMP Certification may bring you the salary increment, bonus or promotion. Many surveys show that the PMP Certification holder earns approximately 11% more salary than their counterpart.

  • Credibility: If you have this certification means you have demonstrated the required level of education, experience and competency to lead and direct the project successfully within the established guidelines. This certificate establishes your credibility as a Professional Project Manager.

  • Recognition: The PMP Certification is a globally recognized certificate and now it is being endorsed by many large organizations. If you're dealing with a project spread throughout the world, this certificate will ensure trust of your clients in your abilities to handle such complex projects.
I hope that these benefits are enough to motivate you for the PMP Certification.

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  1. PMP Certification from PMI has been rated as world’s top most certification chosen by professionals across the Globe. PMP stands for “Project Management Professional”; this is the certification for people with more than 3 years of experience projects in any given domain. Most top management people in Fortune 500 companies are PMP’s, this shows that how important certification for career growth. PMI on the other hand is rated as world’s No.1 Certification body for it s standards in management of projects. Other certifications offered by PMI are CAPM, ACP, PgMP.Nucleus also Online PMP certification.