Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Characters Are Important for Elearning Course Module

Over the past few years, the concept of Elearning has evolved through dynamic changes. Continuous efforts are being made to make the process of Elearning enjoyable and engaging. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of adding characters to Elearning modules. According to experts, characters add special attraction to Elearning courses. As they help in showcasing real-life scenarios, learners can easily identify with the learning content. It helps you to carry out the day-to-day learning process in a more effective way.
Here, we have come up with a few tips that can help you to start using characters in learning modules.
Create characters that learners can identify with
Focus on choosing characters carefully so that they can properly convey the message to the learners. Your characters may represent a colleague, a supervisor or an expert in the organization. Hence, you need to design and dress your characters accordingly, so that they can comply with the content of the course. For example, if the character represents a young 26 year old retail sales executive, your character should be dressed in semi-formal clothes. On the contrary, the same will not be appropriate if the character is representing a CEO of a company.
Use situations and scenarios that are familiar
The scenario or situations, you are using should be real-life, so that students are already familiar with them Real life scenario helps the learner to relate to the character and thereby concentrate on what is being taught. Thus, communications with learners become straightforward and interesting. Keep in mind that learning objectives can be effectively met when the scenario for the characters can be easily identified with.
Prepare storyboards with a good story line
Storyboards are an integral part of the effective Elearning course modules. A good storyboard with a familiar storyline will enhance your learning experience. A storyline should have a logical sequence of content that will help in attaining the learning objectives satisfactorily. Since the ultimate aim is to ensure that learners comprehend the content accurately, using fancy characters and poor subject matter will hinder the process.
Test the character and content before finalizing
Once the storyboard and content is prepared, you must conduct a quality-analysis procedure to ensure that it will serve the learning objective appropriately. Keep your target audience in mind while creating the content as it will assist you to deliver the result as per their requirements. In short, your learners should accept the characters and be receptive to what they are trying to communicate.
Characters simulate real-life interactions between individuals and they should convey all the answers that might arise during normal interactions.
Keep in mind that characters help in making Elearning sessions engaging and interesting and this is the key idea for a successful learning session.

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